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We have a nice selection of Chunk Pillar Candles for your home or gift giving. The large candles are 3x6.5 and are $10.00 each. 
The 3x3 are $7.50 each with your choice of colors and scents.


This is a 3x3 round pillar, tastefully decorated with deep red fall colors. It is $7.50 each.


This 3.5x3 square pillar is done in deep wine colors. This candle would compliment many decors. $8.00 each


This is our 3.5x3 hurricane pillar. It comes with an inserted votive do not burn the candle, only add your votive......this one has potpourri and flat sided marbles on it.....$12.00 each. (does not include brass stand)
Another color of our 3.5x3 square chunk pillar candle. $7.50. (does not include brass stand or doily)
Wonderful scalloped floating candles for your holiday tables....put them in your best crystal and light them for a lovely centerpiece....choice of colors...1 dozen for $4.50. (does not include doily)


This is our "rustic" 3x6.5 pillar....your choice of colors...$10.00 each


This is our 3x6.5 anniversary candle....great for those hard to please people.....comes in gold or silver......$12.00each



Undecided about what to give to that new mom, or for that baby shower? This comes in both pink and blue and are scented with baby powder scent....$5.00 each



These firestarters are great not only for your fireplace, but those hiking and camping trips...they dry out the wet wood......the pinecones are aged, so will not present a problem in your fireplace.....a set of 6 for $2.50.
These tri-colored candles are a must for every decor......these are 5 oz. and sell for $7.00. Your choice of colors and scents.


This is our 2-1/4x6" pillar. This beautiful pillar candle has a wonderful corrugated finish on it...sells for $7.50


Another style of our unique votive holding hurricane pillar..$12.00 (does not include brass holder or doily)
This 3x3 chunk pillar has a confetti look to it. Only$7.50 with your choice of colors and scent. Match any decor with this unique candle.


This is an inside view of the hurricane candle.


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