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Bath Bar  Chunk Bar  Oval Swirl  Heart   Kitchen  Embedded Oval Rose  Racing Loaf Gardener Bar

All my soaps contain Pure Emu Oil


Rain Peach Rose Magnolia
Irish Meadows Lily of the Valley Gardenia Heather/Hyacinth
White Lace French Vanilla Jasmine Raspberry
Spiced Plum starfruit/mango pink grapefruit calming waters
lime cooler tangerine dream melon madness grapefruit exotic


Soaperl Green Antique Blue Sparkle Gold Radient Gold
Golden Bronze Super Copper Soaperl Blue Sparkle Blue Rouge
Cerise Flambe Sparkle Green Ultra Silk Soaperl red/blue
Violet Cornflower Blue    
Mermaid.jpg (39596 bytes)Sh.jpg (69927 bytes)Urc.jpg (53838 bytes)This Sea Soap Collection features a mermaid, 4 seashells and three sea animals. Each ranges in size from app. 2-4 inches. Your choice of colors and scents. Only $6.95.(click on picture for full size view)
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This Beauty Bar is a wonderful addition to your bath. Wonderfully scalloped and in your choice of colors and scents. What a great buy at only $2.00 each. 2oz. bar.Beu.jpg (21255 bytes)

click on picture for full size view

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This is the standard bath bar. Choice of colors and scents. Once you use this bar, or any of our soaps, you will not go back to store bought soap again. $3.25

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This "chunk bar" is a glycerin oval shaped bar with chunks of colored soaps inside. A very pretty soap, can match many different decors. $2.00

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This is the Blue Swirl Oval. The color is swirled into the soap for a beautiful effect. Many different colors to choose from with this soap. $2.00

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This heart shaped soap measures 2 1/2x2 1/2. It may be done in many different colors and fragrances. Great for weddings! $2.00

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This is the kitchen Soap. The reason for the name is that this soap contains a sponge inside! This is great for the kitchen, bathroom or guest washroom. Comes in wonderful colors and choices of scent. This is a must buy! $2.50Add to Cart

This is the Embedded Oval Rose Soap. Such a fancy little soap, you will definately want this in your guest washroom. $2.00Add to Cart



This is the little Racing Soap. Great idea for the children's bath. Many colors and scents available. $1.00Add to Cart


This is the Loaf Soap. You may cut this soap into individual bars. Beautiful confetti pieces of soap embedded into the loaf make it a wonderful gift. Many scents. This is a full 20 ounce soap! $12.00Add to Cart


The Gardeners Bar. A scrubby bar with oatmeal, cornmeal and mints. Cleans off that dirt and grime, but leaves a wonderful minty scent. $2.00

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The Hunters & Fishers Bar contains anise seed oil, which is great for removing human scents, also removes  those unwanted odors after cleaning fish. $2.00

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Picture to follow soon   "Maui Mist".

This bar is a blend of magnolia, gardenia, jasmone and honeysuckle, to take you to the land of Paradise. $2.00Add to Cart

This is my new "summer cooler" it is orange on the outside and pure white on the inside....a blend of orange and vanilla fragrances. $2.00Add to Cart


Emu Oil Soap. Regenerates dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling moist and refreshed.

Rectangular Bar-$2.50 Add to Cart

Oval Bar-$2.50 Add to Cart

Large Bath Bar-$3.50Add to Cart


Pine Tar Soap is an old stand-by for eczema and psoriasis. Works great!$1.50Add to Cart


Eucalyptus Soap is wonderful for that cold and flu season. Clean refreshing scent.

Rectangular Bar-$2.50 Add to Cart
Oval Bar-$2.50Add to Cart
 Large Bar Bar-$3.50Add to Cart


Lavender Soap is very relaxing. This is the real herb! Your bath cannot be complete without this bar!

Rectangular Bar-$2.50 Add to Cart
Oval Bar-$2.50 Add to Cart
Large Bath Bar-$3.50Add to Cart

Beauty Bars

Breakfast Bar......a unique blending of oats, honey and vanilla...a wonderful scrub bar to remove all those dead cells


Bee-licious.......milk, honey and vanilla, for a soothing, luxurious bath