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ColorsMold Sizes

These cute little votive candles are great for any occasion, and what a bargain for only $12.00 a dozen or $1.00 each. You must order 6 of the same color and scent please! 

Primitive Candle..3x6.5in  Only $8.00 each. Also available in regular finish.

This 10 ounce container candle comes in your choice of scent and color. Only $7.00

These great chunk pillar candles come in 2 sizes. Your choice of color and scent. 

3x6.5 for $8.00 

3x3 for $6.00

This apothacary jar features a candle with your choice of color and scent. In the lid is a beautiful potpourri mixture. Only $9.00. 12 oz.

This 3x6.5 inch pillar is a great addition to our products. Only $8.00 with your choice of colors and scents.


This 3x3x3 chunk candle is just beautiful with its light pastel colors. Great for any room or decor. Only $7.50!

Chunk votives. $1.50 each.

2 1/2x5 1/2 pillar candle. Beautifully designed with your choice of color and scent. Only $6.50 each

3x3x3 square hurricane. Has permanent votive holder inside. One votive included. Only $7.50 each!