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  From the makers of other fine products on this site, Mandec Soap & Candle Company introduces old-fashioned home-made soap. This great soap comes in a limited variety of your favorite scents. Only $2.50 each. Approx weight 2.5 oz. (weights will vary)
The log soap has finally come to Mandec! Check out this beautiful full 2 pound chunk soap! A real bargain at $15.00. Slice it, dice it any way you want it.
This charming sailboat makes a wonderful gift or great in a nautical bathroom. 

These wonderful soaps show the essence of Mothers Day. Buy all three! 5.5oz large soaps only $7.50 each

Soap on a Rope. $3.50 each
Grizzly Paw Soap. $3.00 each

This Beauty Bar is a wonderful addition to your bath. Wonderfully scalloped and in your choice of colors and scents. What a great buy at only $2.00 each. 2oz. bar.

This is the bath bar. Choice of colors and scents. Once you use this bar, or any of our soaps, you will not go back to store bought soap again. $3.00 3 OZ.

Extra Large Bar 4 OZ. $3.50 

This is the Loaf Soap. You may cut this soap into individual bars. Beautiful confetti pieces of soap embedded into the loaf make it a wonderful gift. Many scents. This is a full 20 ounce soap! $12.00

These fun sized 2 oz. bars are great for the kitchen or bathroom sink. Only $2.00 each.

We also have herbal bars which include, rosemary, lavender (with lavender buds), lemongrass, mint, goats milk and a eucalyptus bar.  

This bee-licious bar is made with milk, honey and vanilla. It is a 3 oz. bar is only $3.00 each

The breakfast bar is made with honey, oats and vanilla. This is a great scrub bar and is 3 ounces. $3.25 each

This Emu Bar is unscented, uncolored. This bar is great for skin problems and a wonderful moisturizing bar. 3 oz. $3.25 each.

The 3 oz. Gardeners Bar removes grime and grit. Contains oats, cornmeal, mint, lemon and tea tree oils for healing properties. Only $3.00 each.

These great "sampler soaps" our wonderful for trying our products. $3.00 per dozen.  Please order 6 of the same color and scent.