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Carrier Oils Mandec Fragrant Oils
Mango Butter
Shea Butter
Palm Oil
Coconut Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Pomace Olive Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Cocoa Butter
Grapeseed Oil
Castor Oil
Apricot Kernel
Hemp Oil



Angel Mist
Bubble Gum
Toasted Hazelnut
Heavenly Peach
Summer Melon
English Ivy
Key Lime Pie
Lucious Vanilla
Pear Mango
Sex on the Beach
Sugar Cookie

1/2 oz. samples...$1.00
1 oz...$2.25
2 oz...$4.50
4 oz...$7.75
8 oz...$9.50

Emu Oil- Grade A refined 
only $3.25 per ounce


 MP base ....$6.50 for a 2# block...
the purest vegetable base

Soap color blocks....1 oz. each and will color at least 5# of soap.
Soft peach, cornflower blue, willow green, rose petal, orchid, orange, lime, brown, turquoise,  sunflower yellow, orange sunset, raspberry, purple, jungle green, watermelon red and teal.
They are $1.00 each...

Soap kits for those of you wanting to try MP soaps, without investing a lot to start with.
The kit includes:
1 color block of your choice
1 t. mica
1 t. glitter
1- 1 oz. scent
1- 1 oz. oil
1# clear MP base.
This kit sells for $12.00

Floating votive or wax melter molds.
1 1/4" at bottom x 2 1/4" at top.
6 for $2.95

11" unscented incense sticks. Make your own. Comes with directions. 100 sticks $2.00

Large 2" unscented incense cones. 50 $2.00

Also sell the ingredients for making bath salts. please email me for price on all these supplies...


Pipettes....these are 6" long. plastic and have a squeeze bulb at the top. They have graduated measurements on them and are great for mixing and transferring oils, scents and colors.......they are 15 cents each. They are disposable..